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Buying in leasing

The company “Okant & K” offers you to use effective financial solutions with the help of leasing to purchase various equipment for food production.

Leasing of equipment is a popular modern form of solving the issues of financing development of the enterprise. It provides the opportunity to quickly and profitably get at disposal a new equipment for your production and allows you to optimize the processes and quickly begin to make profit.

Thanks to this instrument, together with us, you will be able to:

  • Purchase equipment for the food industry with deferred payment
  • Enter into a leasing contract for any equipment chosen by you

Cooperation begins with the fact that we are making a profitable commercial offer for the modernization of production to the client. Then the client appeals to the leasing company and the leasing company confirms its readiness to approve it as a lessee. Further, after agreeing on the terms, a tripe agreement is concluded between our company, the client and the leasing company.

  • Leasing is available to customers of various categories, including private entrepreneurs
  • The possibility of concluding an agreement for an amount of up to 5 million rubles
  • Down payment - from 20%
  • Term of the contract - up to 10 years
  • Possibility of early repayment without commissions
  • Correct accounting of payments under a lease agreement reduces the amount of tax payments (for example: property tax)
  • Short decision-making times and quick purchase of equipment give you the opportunity to respond quickly to the market changes and to establish release of new products

You save your own current assets and increase the investment attractiveness of your company due to modern equipment and competent budget planning.

Our company has experience of cooperation in leasing with companies: Europlan (tel. (495) 786-80-80), UralSib-Leasing (tel. (495) 785-12-12), VTB24-Leasing "(495) 255-40-97. We recommend leasing services for equipment for the food industry in these companies.

We are certain that any of your initiatives will be successful. If you are interested in leasing food equipment, if you need a single production machine or a whole production line, if you modernize or just open production - we invite you to cooperate!

For the all information please call: 8 800-505-10-97

Operating hours:

Mon-Thurs: 9:30 - 18:00

Fri: 9.30 - 17:00

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