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Meat processing
Dumplings machines
Confectionary and bakery
Storage and dosing


Meat processing equipment:

Alco Food Machines GmbH (Germany) was founded in 1977. The factory specializes in production of meat processing machinery: meat grinders, mixers, forming machines, slicers, covering machines, frying machines etc. The factory aims at producing the most state-of-the-art and qualitative products. Functionality and quality are at the first place.

CRM company (Italy) is specialized in the production of technical equipment for food industry. Automatic machines for cutlets and hamburgers, industrial slicers for slicing raw and slightly frozen meat and ice making machines are in the productive range of the factory.

Firex companyhas a rich and full of valuable experience 40-years-long history of manufacturing systems for food industry and catering companies: boiling and cooking pots of different capacity and sizes, technical lines for vegetables washing and drying, fryers etc. Innovative, automatic Firex machinery saves your power input. It’s made of the best quality material and has the conformity certification for hygiene and technical security.

The history of German factory Frey Maschinenbau GmbH counts more than 60 years and nowadays takes one of the leading places among manufacturers of sausage filling and supplementary equipment. The main parts of Fray machines are manufactured with the most high-technological technical equipment. After assembling the machine undergoes the verification of conformity to the DQS EN ISO 9001:2000.

International Clip company (Italy) is a company with a rich history which manufactures clipping machines for already 30 years. The gathered experience throughout this time allows responding to the needs of the Russian market rapidly and effectively. International Clip company proved its stability with being at Russian market for six years. The equipment is always modified according to the needs of modern technical standards and certification requirements.

Kilia (Germany) is machine building factory, founded in 1932. It’s specialized in manufacturing of meat processing machines such as cutters, emulsifying machines, mixers, large meat lines. Kilia also supplies professional and effective software for its equipment.

Magurit GmbH (Germany) manufactures frozen meat block cutters. It supplies its machines for food industry all over the world. During its history the quality of manufacturing and technology reached the top extent - Magurit now stands for the most professional and qualitative machines for cutting meat into cubes and slices in the world.

Okant company in 2005 began selling the equipment from MADO (Germany) factory on the territory of Russian Federation. MADO manufactures industrial meat grinders, industrial saws for meat blocks and bones processing, cutters of different capacity, heavy-duty industrial block cutters for frozen meat, sharpening machines, portioning systems and traystores. MADO is one of the leading companies that manufacture special equipment for meat processing. Bright innovations, technical know-hows and long-lasting professional experience are at the background of every produced machine. MADO company has conformance certificate 2006/42 EG for equipment. It also has DQS EN ISO 9001 standards and meets CE requirements (Directive EN 1672-2).

Omet Foodtech company (Italy) manufactures vacuum filling machines for sausages, mixers, industrial meat grinders and string linkers according to the speed of modern technologies developing. It was founded 50 years ago and now it exports its machinery into more than 50 countries in the world. OMET filling machines are presented and serviced in the most deliberate way. The key moment in the manufacturing is the final examination and testing of the machine before dispatch. Factory pays attention to manufacturing of the fine details and hygiene and security standards.

The name of Pokomat symbolizes Swiss quality of the product, innovations and high-quality service. It associates with injecting machines all over the world.

Okant Company offers the whole range of the Pokomat equipment: injectors, tenderizers, rotary filters and supplementary parts. Individual needle control system and symmetric needles placement at the moment of sticking into the meat guarantee high professional production with Pokomat machines.


Dumplings equipment:

Italian factory LB Italia specializes in manufacturing of the machines for dough products producing: lines for pasta and dumplings. Machines can meet the requirements of small productions houses as well as the requirements of big industrial productions of continuous cycle. Machines produced by the factory are made of cutting-edge technical equipment.

Okant is the first company which started selling the multi-functional dumpling machines TY-503G manufactured by BEST FOOD factory on the territory of Russian Federation. TY-503G is one of the most productive dumpling machines among the analogous ones. BEST FOOD Company was founded in 1982 and now it’s one of the leading manufacturers of equipment for bakeries and food enterprises. The family of the equipment models is continuously updating. At the present moment there are more than 50 names. Specialization of the factory are dumpling machines, meat processing machines, machines for products with filling, machines for products with various fillings, machines for confectionary, cookies, big, small dumplings, two-colour or one-colour products with filling. All the equipment has international certification ISO9001:2000.


Confectionary equipment:

BAKE OFF company (Italy) manufactures convection, rotary, steam ovens and proofing units. BAKE OFF ovens can be manufactured as electrical, gas or liquid fuel. Equipment is manufactured in accordance with specific client requirements concerning the premises dimensions, products and capacity. The main peculiarities of the equipment are the automatic control of the baking, programming of the baking cycle and simplicity in maintenance saving of electric power, its portability and modern design at the same time.

Компания BECAM (Франция) специализируется на производстве полностью автоматизированных комплексов по производству блинов с двусторонней или односторонней обжаркой круглой формы различных диаметров и толщины или полосок. Компания всегда идет в ногу со временем, оборудование легко может быть адаптировано под кулинарные традиции того или иного региона. Такое использование эффективных средств позволяет фабрике успешно развиваться.

Французская фирма Bongard, созданная в 1922 году, является производителем оборудования для кондитерской и хлебопекарной промышленности. В ее ассортимент входят мукопросеиватели, миксеры и спиральные тестомесы различных видов, вакуумные и объемные делители, конические округлители, измельчители хлеба, формирователи хлеба, автоматические агрегаты для производства круассанов и т.д.

J4 company was founded in 1994 and deals with designing and manufacturing of belt tunnel ovens with cyclothermal and other heating systems, complex bakeries and confectionary lines. These unique ovens are designed for rye bread, rye-wheat bread, wheat bread and other different products of bakery: bread, cookies, cakes, sticks and so on.

KUMKAYA company (Turkey) has been manufacturing bakery equipment since 1986. Model lines from KUMKAYA allow furnishing bakery plants, mini-bakeries and medium productions in full scale and to have the equipment from one manufacturer. There are more than 100 names of different models in the range of equipment: automatic lines for bakery products, equipment for dough mechanical processing (kneading machines, dough dividers, dough forming machine), proofing chambers, rotary/deck/convection ovens, deck ovens with steam heating system and many others. This wide range is very high technical and notable for its modern design and operational reliability. That made this equipment popular and high claimed in 65 countries.

La Monferrina company (Italy) was founded in 1978. The factory is specialized in manufacturing of professional machines for ravioli, kanneloni and pizza crusts. All machines are unique and designed for producing all types of macaroni. Their capability can reach 600 kg per hour in order to reach the high quality product.

POLIN company (Italy) has been a recognized leader in manufacturing of the technical equipment for bakery and confectionary products since 1929. POLIN machines are well known and have been used in Russia for 40 years. This equipment helps to produce best-quality types of bread and confectionary with the use of the newest technologies. Machinery range covers full production cycle: beginning from the dough kneading and cooking till packing of the cooked products.

Rinc Europe (The Netherlands) is internationally oriented organization, specializing in the design and production of food processing machinery and an expert in rebuilding, modernizing and trading of pre-owned bakery equipment, such as laminators and universal lines. With more than 40 years of experience, Rinc Europe plays a leading role in the bakery industry.

SIGMA company (Italy) offers a full scale range of dough processing equipment for bakery production – planetary mixers (table and industrial mixers, kneading machines for any type of the dough and dough forming and dividing equipment). SIGMA equipment corresponds to the highest technological requirements and guarantees high efficiency of its product.

Sottoriva (Italy) enterprise was founded in 1944 and had immediate success. The company produces a wide range of equipment: ovens and complete automatic lines for bakeries, pizzerias confectionary’s shops and factories.

The history of TEKNO STAMAP (Italy) company begins in 1982 with manufacturing of mechanical equipment for food industry. After a while the factory began manufacturing of the manual and automatic dough sheeting machines. The real breakthrough in the forming equipment development was the appearance of the machines for the puff dough making. The factory also provides the equipment for yeasted dough, dough for cheburekki, dumplings etc. Many enterprises and firms trust TEKNO STAMAP equipment as a manufacturer of profitable and effective production of confectionary and bakery products.


Systems for flour storage:

AGRIFLEX (Italy) company has been designing and manufacturing automatic industrial systems for material (powder, solid and liquid) storage, transportation and dosing more than 40 years. The range of the equipment is exceptionally wide: from silos made of various materials (steel, glass fibre, TREVIRA material) till units for micro-ingredient dosing. One thing which deserves a special attention is flour cooling system, developed by the company. The system is able to cool flour for 20?C.

Dosetec (Finland) company was founded in 1954 and manufactures equipment for using in different industrial spheres. Technical solutions are designed specially for every project don’t minding whether it’s a storage and sorting of building materials, food products or materials for steel industry. Dosetec equipment can be used in a wide range of industrial spheres.



British company Starfrost has been manufacturing industrial systems for freezing and cooling of different food products (chain spiral conveyors, vertical cooling chambers, ice machines, belt cooling conveyors etc.) since 1984. Starfrost equipment allows to approach in a very flexible way to any project solution and increase production efficiency.


Packing equipment:

PFM Packaging machinery is an industrial group including 9 enterprises. Their head office is located in Italy. The company is specialized in manufacturing of packing machines which produce reusable packing: multihead weighers and vertical packing machines, company also supplies automatic packing lines for confectionery packing.

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