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After sales support

The company "Okant and K" provides customers with a wide range of services. The service department of “Okant & K” is a professional in this field. Warranty and post-warranty services are carried out on the basis of contract terms. Also, the service center offers a warranty of 6 months and more on the work performed on replacing units and assemblies, and advises proper operation of the equipment.

We’re offering:

  • Complex service support of objects (on a turnkey basis)
  • Warranty and post-warranty service, maintenance
  • Repair of food equipment

The Service Center performs:

installation and connection of equipment

constructive changes or updates to equipment’s structure and electrical schemes, execution of appropriate technical documentation.

The warranty service is spread only for equipment purchased from “Okant & К”. The warranty period is varied depending on type of equipment.
The managers of the sales department will consult you and help find the necessary accessories for the equipment.

Repair is carried out in the workshop of the "Okant & K" or, if necessary, on the site. The full repair - in accordance with the technical documentation for the equipment in the workshop for a charge.

The Service Center performs the following works:

  • call a mechanic to the place of operation
  • diagnosis of equipment’s malfunction
  • cleaning of contacts and adjustment of control, automation and protection devices
  • repair of electrical control circuit and lighting
  • replacement of electronic control devices
  • elimination of external and body defects
  • technical translation into Russian
  • additional consultations for a technologist
  • repair of food equipment
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