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Machinery for food industry

OKANT Company implements complex supplies of automatic technical lines for quick and easy-to-use cooking of products for food industry enterprises.

The main principle of our company is reliable business relationship between partners. Specialists of our company always get abreast of the news from the alimentary industry market, they analyze new tendencies and work new technological solutions in practice.

Our aim is to understand the unique client’s requirements, financial potential and business priorities. Following such principles our employees carry out the equipment selection and developing of technical solutions for clients.

Nowadays food industry machines present one of the most claimed and dynamic segments of the market.

We deliver food machinery and robotic complexes from European countries, East Asia and United States.

Our web-site will be interesting for entrepreneurs who already own a production and the ones who are just approaching to the grand opening of their business.
In the present quickly developing age practically no one can allow oneself a hand-made foods production, that’s why this process was forwarded to the machines.

OKANT Company has been working at the market of alimentary equipment industry and robotic complexes since 1993. Rich experience gathered though the years, understanding of client’s requirements, acquirement of world machinery market and business relations with leading European manufacturers let us to offer to our clients most profitable solutions for creating or modernization of their bakery or confectionary productions. Undoubtedly we prefer to work with manufacturers who pay exceptional attention to using the latest developments and offer most qualitative and reliable equipment and technical lines.

At the present moment our company can offer full-scale equipment for food production, beginning from the flour sifting to packing of already made products and also starting-up and adjustment, after-sales service and spare parts supply.

One of our company main business area is the dumpling equipment. Beginning from 1993 we supplied and put into operation such a wide amount of dumpling lines that we can openly declare that 50% of all dumpling plants in Russia work with the equipment delivered by our company. Like no one else we know practically everything about frozen prepared food production and we’re always ready to share our experience with our clients.

Range of the dumpling equipment presented on our web-site with the “LB Italia” factory, which we represent on the exclusive rights since 2001. “LB Italia” equipment was widely upgraded by our technicians according to the peculiarities of the Russian raw materials what allowed having the final product with gentle dough and juicy filling. That was reached with the use of dough sheeter for strong dough in the line, opposing to extrusion machine it helps to get the dough more thin and gentle. The feeding system enables to work with raw and fat stuffing at the temperature above zero. That feature greatly improved the organoleptic properties of the dumplings during the production. In 2010 together with “LB Italia” factory we presented at the Agroprodmash Exhibition absolutely unique novelty for semi-prepared food production – hand-made dumplings automatic line LB-250 Nuova. It differs from other machines on the market with the method of connecting the sides of the dumpling – it makes them with overlapping, the way like traditional Russian dumplings are usually made by our moms and grannies.

Forming of the semi-prepared foods with the “LB Italia” lines.

Flour, water and other necessary ingredients are put into dough kneader which takes part in the dumpling line. The dough is to be mixed within 15 minutes. The finished dough is placed into the dough sheeter hopper where it’s sheeted till 7-10 mm of thickness. With automatic sheeting machine you can get the dough more gentle and white. Dough sheet is moved into the forming machine. Photo sensor indicates the feeding dough into the forming block in order to prevent the sagging of the sheet.

Already prepared minced meat is put into the hopper by operator.
Two rollers make final sheeting of the dough in the forming machine. Sheeted dough fed into the forming mould has 0.2-0.5 mm of thickness. Then machine makes the dough billet into which one batch of minced meat is fed and the final forming of the dumpling is made. Meat : dough proportions can be (40:60, 50:50, 60:40) reached with regulating the settings. After forming residues are grinded and added into the dough kneading machine.

You can also observe the Chinese dumpling machines JGL-120, JGL-135>, JGL-240 in the dumpling machines section of our web-site. You can also find there the machinery for meat pastry (cheburekki), oriental dumplings (manti) and steam meat buns (khinkali).
You can find in the section for equipment for crepes production machinery manufactured by French factory “BECAM” with which we exclusively collaborate since 2002 and we can confirm that all the gas lines for crepes in Russia were delivered, installed and placed into operation by our OKANT Company. The most popular lines nowadays are lines for production of the round crepes with filling.

The output of lines like this can reach 11 000 pcs/hour depending on the parts kitting. Today these lines are the most productive and appropriate for crepes. We also would like to present modular machines for crepes manufactured by “LaMonferrina” factory. These ones will perfectly fit the middle semi-prepared food production facilities.

The most extensive section at our web-site is bakery equipment. You can choose anything for bread production: from dough kneader to automatic lines for bread production, what is the key branch of the food industry because bread is the most consumed food for the present. That fact defined the popularity and demand for equipment for bread production like profitable investments.

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